• At the start of our partnership, Grays Transport faced multiple challenges.
  • Our IT infrastructure was ageing, our support systems were reactive rather than proactive, and our team struggled with the technical challenges that presented themselves regularly.
  • We made a pivotal decision to engage with IDT for our IT Support needs. From the outset, it was evident that IDT was not just any other IT company. Their commitment to simplicity, clarity, and proactive service set them apart.
  • Simplicity in Execution: Every solution that IDT delivered was tailored to our business with a seamless integration into our existing workflow. Even the most complex IT problems were translated into non-jargon, understandable, actionable steps.
  • A Proactive Approach: IDT’s proactive approach meant that potential issues were identified and rectified before they could impact our operations. This shift from reactive to a proactive stance was significant for us.
  • IDT has driven the transformation process of our IT infrastructure and support systems from the very start.
  • High-Speed Internet Implementation: The need for faster and more reliable connectivity, was immediately highlighted. IDT implemented a new dedicated fibre ethernet circuit. This not only improved our operations’ speed, but also enhanced our service delivery.
  • Cloud Migration: Moving away from our aging server, IDT led the transition to SharePoint, allowing for more streamlined operations, enhanced data access, and significant improvements in collaboration across Teams. 3. Efficient Support System: With IDT’s Human approach, our employee’s confidence has been restored with the reassurance of knowing we have a reliable IT Partner that we can turn to.

The IT company that behaves nothing like an IT company.

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