The prodigal son returns.



IDT welcomes back a previous employee to the fold.

Jared Thomson rejoins IDT as Account Manager, with responsibility for strategic planning for the company’s growing customer base. Thomson return to IDT after just over a year away.

Managing Director, Luke Draper, said: “Having originally gone to the market to find a suitable candidate, we were unsuccessful. This almost had us thinking we’d have to compromise our requirements. It was almost an Eureka! moment when discussing what we should do next, when we said: “You know who would be perfect?…”

Draper that when Jared left IDT, he made sure the company supported his decision and that he left on good terms. He added: “I knew he only wanted to further his career and I wasn’t going to stand in the way of that. Even though I had a plan for Jared, I hadn’t voiced my plans and goals to him and this new role gave me the opportunity to right that wrong.“

This has been a learning curve for me and one that I have used to ensure we are better.”

The hire is part of IDT’s drive to ensure all staff show a human touch when dealing with clients – and Thomson said he feels like he has come “home”.

He added: “This area of dealing with clients face-to-face and finding out their issues within their business, helping them to solve them no matter how big or small, is something I’m greatly looking forward to and have had a keen interest in for a while now.“I’ve always had a knack for identifying issues and providing the best solutions for the client and not just for the benefit of IDT. So it was a real compliment when Luke thought of me for this position.

“It’s a perfect opportunity for me to grow as a person and broaden my skill set along with working again with friends rather than colleagues.“It feels like a really big welcome home; it’s always good to know Luke, James, Lawrie and everyone else have always been there for me and have always wanted the best for me. That attitude is something you see in how they look after their customers”

Draper added: “I want to ensure we don’t lose the part of the business that makes us unique and human. I know this will help us provide a better service to our customers by being more proactive and responsive to their needs.

“With Jared’s technical background and skill set we believe he will help us identify areas where we can improve our services and make sure that we are doing everything we can to meet our customer’s needs. Our goal is to provide yet another value-added service to our customers.“

Jared’s already hit the ground running and made such a positive impact in the short space of time he’s been back.

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