Cloud hosting and cloud services.

Budget control

No business can afford to spend money unnecessarily. So with cloud hosting from IDT, you only pay for what you use. Our cloud servers are cost effective and give you more flexibility than standard server hosting. You get all the performance of a dedicated server, without the expense of physical hardware.

Microsoft 365

Everything you need can be easily and securely saved in the cloud. That means every little detail needed for the day to day running of your business. Your data, your files and your applications, available anytime from any device, and all managed by IDT.

Web hosting

Talk to IDT and you’ll see we make web hosting easy and convenient. We can help you migrate your website or application to our hosting platform, and we can help you choose the level that suits your business. Along with domain registration and transfer, hosting your website with IDT is hassle-free.

Remote working

Cloud services make remote working easy and rewarding.