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IDT expands again with double hire

John Feast and Harith Fauzi join IDT as it passes its 25th anniversary. Both come from backgrounds with large corporate operators.

Harith said:

“I am very honoured to work for IDT. Everyone has been supportive and it feels like the team is a part of a big family.

“IDT is completely different; I come from a background working for a large corporate, but I feel there are more opportunities within IDT. As IDT is expanding, I feel like I can also grow with the business

“Thank you for the opportunity again, Luke, James, and Lawrie.”

John added:

“It has been an exciting couple of weeks settling into the IDT team. I am happy to have received such a warm welcome and am already impressed by the collective knowledge and experience which everyone is willing to share. I have much to learn when it comes to the IDT way of doing things, but it is clear from how the team interacts with clients that they take their human focussed approach seriously which is something I believe in coming from an education background.

“They also provide us with the best tools to get the job done which means I can efficiently help more people than before in the same amount of time. I look forward to seeing what interesting challenges I will face and what I will learn here”

Speaking about IDT’s latest hires, Managing Director Luke Draper said:

“As we grow, we are investing more and more in our internal infrastructure and processes and staff is the central cog of this. I’m a big advocate of investing in youth and future talent as this will be the key in our success for years to come and both John and Harith coming on board with us is yet another step on our journey.”

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